Disordered timeline, intricate storyline.
"World of Warcraft" is caught in a war between the Horde and the Alliance. This war began with the battle for Azeroth. The long-running mmorpg game will always be chaotic in the timeline. When the game expands, the official ignores it. Whether the storyline is proceeding in an orderly manner.
Blizzard is full of ambitions for the storyline of Azeroth's battle, with multiple complete CGI movies and elaborate cutscenes. At the beginning of the expansion, the two cities were completely destroyed and completely disappeared from the world. Players now have the opportunity to choose the rest of the city!
The patch version 8.2.5 released on Tuesday is a concrete reality of this ambition, reflecting the actual idea of Blizzard from many aspects. This patch ends the war between the Horde and the Alliance. It needs to answer fans' questions about the fire of Tedahill, the integrity of the Horde, and even the issues of what Azeroth's peace is like. But has Blizzard succeeded in these areas? Did you give the fans a reasonable explanation?
The story brought in version 8.2.5 is very dramatic, gorgeous, and ambitious. It took a step to try to deal with the Warcraft real-time strategy game left by the Horde. It worked very hard to say something, and it was very solemn. Only one thing drowned out all of this. Every sincere and serious dialogue has a narrative effect. An anachronistic small explosion that is equivalent to the maximum volume: Sylvanas Windrunner.
Sylvanas Windrunner launched a battle against Azeroth through genocide. At the same time, she had other accomplices. After she issued the order, the tribal army began to expand wildly. She ordered the tribe to kill everyone in the Union Village Brenadadam, and the tribe did it. Sylvanas has always been supported by the majority of the Horde until she and Sylvanas have been supported by the majority of the Horde until she confronts Saurfang and she wins easily. The only thing that can stop her is to defeat her and take her mask.
It was this mistake that led to unity between the two parties, Sylvanas chasing Saurfang and fleeing there. This is the final outcome of the tribe's allegiance and rebellion plot line. Players who are missing WOW Classic Gold, Vanilla WOW Gold and other World of Warcraft gold can go to https://www.ffwow.com to buy. We offer the lowest price in the industry and the fastest delivery speed. The average delivery time is 5-10 minutes. Players don't have to wait, open exciting games instantly!
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