WOW: Visions of N'zoth
Players will receive prizes if they win from the raid, but the significance of this prize is not to reward players. But his reward can be transformed into another new feature. Known as Horrific Visions, it's a new single-player experience that allows players to complete the game on their own, without the need for a group of players to work together like a dungeon. These terrible sights are a glimpse of the future, which will take place in the main capital cities of Stormwind and Ogrima.
If N'zoth wins the game, the players will challenge the Legion's Master Tower alone, and the mission will become even more daunting.
It sounds a lot like a single dungeon that is going to be tried repeatedly, every time the N'zoth's corrupt forces force you to escape further and further. To help you survive, you will get a new legendary cloak that can be used as a magical shield against N'zoth's cruelty, allowing you to endure terrible sights for a longer time. Every time you bravely face these terrible scenes, if you can win, players can get scarce West Park, including Vanilla WOW Gold. These resources give you a customizable cloak to help you go further in a nightmare. You can also bring 5 teammates, no matter what profession you are, the whole experience is seamless.
Hazzikostas also introduced a lot of content in the above video. He also introduced a new equipment upgrade system that could replace the existing controversial Titanforging, sometimes adding a loot to make it more powerful, and Azeroth's heart will expand more levels and customization options. . At the same time, Vulpera and Mechagnomes became the two new races of the tribe and the league respectively. The auction house has also undergone a comprehensive transformation.
There is a lot of content involved, and it is this kind of update that makes people more expectant and excited. Although "N'zoth's Whimsy World" has not yet been released, I guess it will not be released until early next year (although it may be earlier). Hazzikostas said that it will run on the PTR beta server later today for players to try.
It was really exciting to have so many things displayed before the 2019 Blizzard Conference that began on November 1. It is likely that we will have a deeper understanding of this new version, but I hope that the announcement of the next extension will be released soon. More game content can be found by clicking
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