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Pamela Flagg
He likes them
Sara Thomas
Are as stated and they have been great. I am still wearing my first pair, no holes, ho snags, and no problems!!! Great light duty gloves!!
Irina Andriucă
My oldest son (age 5) loves his football jersey and helmet! Both are solidly constructed, although the helmet clearly states that it is not intended for playing actual football. The helmet has run into a couple of walls and doesn't have a scratch on it (yet). All in all, it's a great product.
Matty Buckley
Love the DVD set. The packaged was sealed, delivered on time and everything is uncensored. Meaning all the swears and such are going to be heard. When you put the disc in, you get a dvd preview of Mean Girls. Then, you get the video contains some Bad, VERY Bad words and such, meaning the uncensored dvd version and also deleted extras from the intros and such as well. Well worth your money if you want your own Jersey Shore Marathon. I would highly suggest you buy them by the season and NOT the set. The SINGLE Seasons are well worth it. And awesome to watch!
Tione Kinge
Awesome movie! I have seen the stage play 3 times and will obviously look at the movie over and over. My favorite group next to The Temptations.
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