As far as the WoW Classic rankings go, I think you're only contemplating dueling and open world WoW Classic although not taking the course roles in BGs into account that much. That way I dont believe rogues would score 10 because premades generally only use one of these to sit and shield in WSG flagroom or anchor a foundation in AB while such as hunters are more flexible due to their high mobility, scouting potential, viper bites, bothersome pets etc. and you're able to bring multiples. Otherwise vid.
During the war turtles were used by the Horde with cabins strapped since submarines. They were also the Horde counterpart to the gnomish submarines. If you look the Warcraft 2 components up you will see they bear a similarity.
Those aren't Broken those are Draenei that have devolved, Lost Ones. I recall before TBC that is what we understood as Draenei were profoundly tainted and what all Draenei looked like, until they decided to show that Draenei were an wow classic gold offshoot of the Eredar. Come to think about it the Draenei were Blizzards bit of lore that is fresh , as while mentioned the majority of their lore didn't exist before that expansion. In cheap wow classic gold reality Draenei weren't even considered to ever be playable before the developers looked at the amazing concept art of Archimonde and thought"you know these men look they'd be a cool race to play" and composed all this new lore on the spot as opposed to their own Horde counterpart Blood Elves who had established lore back before Vanilla. I am aware that was off-topic but seeing the Draenei Exiles really made me think about the changes that can occur in a game's lore and retconning.
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