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The story had potential with all the rouge hunters and agents but was all wasted. The assignments were almost the same: You struggle NPCs, research the region, battle a boss and wind back exactly where you started. The characters that talk do not have a character, bad acting, and they just bark orders at you while you just stand there without even saying a word.
A bunch Knights in shining armor that came together and trust each other just because the watch in their arm, and follow orders by a weak dude that screams for democracy whilst what's falling apart? Where is my personality that builds confidence and raises trough the positions of a new business, where are the challenging choices, the wicked morals, and the demand for success, the fight for power, the inner struggle between the old world and the new universe opportunities??
I got into the Personal Beta and I can certainly say that both principal gameplay and endgame articles were balanced beautifully. The brand new Armor mechanic replaces the healing system and can not just be abused like The Division 2 Boosting health either, so there is a lot more focus on strategic positioning and teamwork. You take the time to replace armor rather than instantly take medkits. They flank way more often now, and you need to get ready for that.
The motion is not a improvement.... For people who played with The Section 1 because of the story and the general setting then this game might be an improvement.
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